• Our vision is to make the world a better place, yes we are visionaries.... In any case, we want to make the world a little better for horses, dogs and the environment.

    Our motto is that what you use on the animals' skin should be so healthy in all the choices of ingredients that you might as well wear it on your own skin. We should give animals' skin as much care as our own. The skin is the largest organ, what we wash or lubricate it with is absorbed and absorbed into the bloodstream, which then affects everything from organs to every tiny cell. It then goes into our drains and affects the surrounding environment including lakes, stables and pastures.

    The environment is important to us, we choose materials and packaging from natural, recycled and gentle materials as far as possible. Our hope is that you will also join together in your stable or association to place a joint order as a conscious choice to reduce the number of transports and it will also be a little more cost-effective for you. The work for the environment does not end here, it is a work in progress that we do together with you.

    We are incredibly pleased that you are on the journey with Esmergot. We want to say a big THANK YOU for working with us to get a better health and environment for our four-legged friends.