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3-pack Shampoo

3-pack Shampoo

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All Esmergot's popular shampoos in one affordable package!

All our shampoos are suitable for both horses and dogs.

1 pc Deep Clean Shampoo: Deep cleansing shampoo for horses and dogs
1 pc Sensitive Shampoo: Extra good for horses and dogs with various types of skin problems.
1 pc Silk & Smooth Shampoo: Extremely softening and moisturizing shampoo.


All our shampoo bars are handmade in Sweden, 100% natural and organic. We have taken dogs and horses' sense of smell and delicate skin into consideration when choosing ingredients. Our products are always tested on humans first and many of our customers use Esmergot's shampoos for themselves as well - as soap, wound wash and shampoo!


3 really good reasons to use shampoo in solid form:

  1. When the shampoo is in concentrated solid form, you add the water yourself when shampooing. That way we don't have to transport water to us and then on to your home, which is kinder to the environment!

  2. We can package our shampoos in paper instead of plastic bottles, which is better for the environment as it both reduces the volume in transport and reduces plastic waste.

  3. Shampoo soap in solid form is, according to us and our customers, more user-friendly for you when washing your dog or horse.

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